Flow-pack system is a special type of packaging a single piece or a group of products of different shape and size, e.g. chocolate bars, sweets, cakes, roll cakes and other similar products, as well as non-food single piece packaging, e.g. newspapers, magazines, sponges.

Main functions of the flow-pack packaging:

  • to keep and protect the contents of the packaging;
  • to make the packaging more attractive and eye-catching;
  • to provide high marketing features to the goods.

 Types of flow-pack equipment:

  • vertical equipment is aimed to pack small-sized or paste-like  products, as small sweets, macaroni, snacks and others.

How it works:
The  shrink film from the roll is turned off in the vertical pipe, and then is 3-side soldered.

  • horizontal machinery is aimed to pack all other kinds of products in 3-seamed packaging: vegetables, pastry, bread, meat and cheese.

This packaging is made of different kinds of synthetic films, as well as of laminate of polymer films, aluminum foil, paper and even cardboard.
The packaging has an all-length longitudinal seam and cross section seams at the edges.
Packaging in horizontal flow pack is suitable for a great variety of goods because of the many options it can provide: the function of the logotype centering on the film makes it possible to create colorful and attracting packaging for the pastry; gas filling option makes it available to prolong best-before period of the product, what is of great importance for meat and cheese, for example.
The system of special flavored mixes injection keeps freshness and flavor of the products.
 Main advantages of flow-pack packing:

  • universality;
  • affordable price;
  • attracting looks;
  • longer shelf-life;
  • ability to hang by the cash register

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