Полифилин пленка

LDPE packing.

(Полиэтиленовая упаковка.)


What makes the product look atractive for the customer, lessens the transportation expenses and keeps the product from the damages?
All these responsibilities are comprised in a right-managed packaging, which can at first seem absolutely useless and bringing no profit.
But the packaging is the first thing the customer becomes familiar with and values the product itself only having chosen the product by its appealing look.
So that to become  successful on the market  you product is to be distinguishable and special.
That is why most of the FMCG-companies pay so much attention to their goods packaging making it look attractive and winning.
Packaging  is an important and essential step in the long line of goods production.
And only in cooperation with the professional packaging company you can be sure in your product’s being competitive  - it will never mix with its «shelf neighbors», but on the contrary – it will stand out against the background of the similar products.



You are welcome at our «Co-pack.ru» company  to create the unique packaging style of your product. We do the packaging, using all the most popular materials with the outmost fulfillment of all our clients wishes and requirements.
One of the common and widely used types of packaging is the LDPE (low density poly-ethylene) being the most popular among the modern polymers.
The main characteristics of polyethylene  - low density, proper chemical stability, small water absorption – make this polymer popular and аnd of high demand. LDPE is transparent, easily-welded and water steam impervious. It is also necessary to point out such characteristics as high viscosity, suppleness, tensile strength, elasticity.
Main advantages of LDPE include:

  • solidity – being very light, this film can keep rather heavy products;
  • transportation convenience;
  • attractive  look because of density and sleekness;
  • profitability – LDPE is half as much as carton board;
  • possibility to put advertising information on the film.


LDPE types:

  • food LDPE is suitable for pastry, frozen products, bread, tea, coffee packaging;
  • shrink-wraping LDPE is suitable for food stuff,  jars, bottles, household equipment packaging. It is used for light  small products  packaging keeping  the product from the damages and providing  environmental protection.
  • packaging stretch film is used to food and non-food products packaging.  Being in close contact with the product, the film keeps the products from damaging and provides an attractive look. It is easy in use as there is no need in additional equipment while packaging.

There is an option either to pack each product separately or pack a set of products in the LDPE which shrinks at heat and fits very close to the product.
LDPE is the best suitable for putting  colorful advertising information on so that you mark out your unique product, its originality and peculiarity.        
Our production equipment is the most updated and corresponds all the modern standards in the sphere.
One of the most powerful and new machines at our factory is the shrink wrapping without sealing bar machine.
Main characteristics:

  • compact machine
  • avoids problems of pressure with accumulated products
  • products and labels protected
  • quick and easy size changeovers
  • specially designed for specifically shaped products



Product lapping:

  • the film is fed in by injection or by using a vacuum depending on the product characteristics and the speed
  • the leading edge of the film is synchronized to feed up under the product
  • the circulator bar takes takes the film and wraps it around the batch
  • both ends are overlapped under the pack.

Here at «Co-pack.ru» we guarantee the best packaging quality, price flexibiliy and  excellent service.