Polyolefin packaging.

Polyolefin packaging.

( as simple as one, two, three.)


When shopping every day we strive for a quick buy of high-quality goods. Sometimes it is really difficult to get a product you need among all the variety of goods of the same kind.
Goods packaging is important indeed, as it can smoothly “sell” the product and let the producer rake in profits or … collect dust on the supermarkets’ shelves.
That is why one of the major functions of packaging is not only the goods safe keeping, but also, what can be even more significant, giving the product an eye-catching and attractive look.


Polyolefin packaging.


–Polyolefin shrink film represents the mix of the best qualities, being a means of food safe preserving and a means to give the product extra market benefits as well.
Moreover, transparent, shining shrink-wrap film adds the product  significant luster and  attractiveness.
Polyolefin shrink films have been developed to offer the best attributes of PVC film – ease of sealing and shrinking – without its demerits – with the regard to use and storage.
Polyolefin shrink film offers stronger seals than PVC and good quality shrink down. There are no real issues with pre- or post-production storage.
Polyolefin shrink films are invariably offered as multi-layer complexes. These layers comprise polyethylene and polypropylene in various forms.
The film possesses particularly strong seal, puncture and tear resistance characteristics.
The main advantages are

  • the 5-layered shrink film is suitable for packaging of any kind;
  • water impermeability, heat resistance, and flexibility;
  • fast and soft shrinkage;
  • excellent tear resistance and optical (luster, transparency) characteristics;
  • easy shaping the packed material;
  • firmness and elasticity at low temperatures;
  • no release of harmful gases;
  • oil, fat, and solvent resistance.


Field of application:

Polyolefin shrink wrapping is used for a great variety of goods, both food and non-food products.
Food stuff:

  • fruit and vegetables;
  • semi-prepared products;
  • meat , fish, chicken, and seafood;
  • bakery.

Non-food production:
- books and magazines;
- toys;
- car equipment;
- cosmetics and household equipment;
- cardboard packing, writing materials and decoration materials;
- medical products.

Summing up all the advantages of the polyolefin shrink film, this kind of packaging turns out to be perfect for diverse goods and products. It also essentially raises competitiveness of your product in the market.

Our company can handle any kind of non-standardized requirement, with the outmost fulfillment all the clients’ original ideas both in food and non-food applications.

Co-packing  Center offers an individual approach to every client, providing your goods with additional possibilities of promo- and sales decisions.